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lecture: Sovereign Digital Identity

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In the last few years, interest in so-called "user-centric identity" or "self-sovereign identity" has strongly increased. The ambitious goal is to overcome the current large Internet monopolies, to build alternative structures that better mirror our real-life society, and to give individuals full control over their digital selves. This talk will introduce the background of this idea, some interesting companies that are working in this field, as well as technologies such as personal clouds, decentralized semantic graphs, and blockchain identity. The talk will also include short reports from a few key conferences that happened this year.

Additional Information: Technologies mentioned in the talk: RDF, Solid, XDI, OpenID, FreedomBox, Sovrin Blockchain. Some interesting companies: Respect Network, Evernym, Meeco, Digi.Me, CozyCloud, Jolocom. Short conference reports from: Rebooting-the-Web-of-Trust, Decentralized Web Summit, ID2020, MyData2016, Ouishare.