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lecture: "Information." A documentary for the broad audience

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"Information. What are they looking at?" is documentary project in the making which focuses on accessibility and inclusion to inform a broad audience on privacy and the effects of surveillance.

"Information. What are they looking at?" is a documentary film which deals with the core questions of the digital age: What is privacy? How does state surveillance - conducted to protect us from acts of crime and violence - violate human rights? What is at stake when international corporations are tracking our every move and store personal data for years? How do social networks influence communications and shape values? How are these dynamics shaped by structures of global hierarchies and colonialism?

The film offers understandable explanations and summaries of ongoing aspects as well as background information, preventing it from becoming dated. In order to ensure the film is attractive and accessible to those without particular knowledge of the field, the features will stay close to the audience’s personal lives and experience. Information will be a 52-minute long documentary for television broadcast, with a longer version available for cinema run and festival purposes. Additionally the film will be the core of an inclusive media-project for which it will be made available online both in full length and in individual chapters. Each chapter creates understanding on its own but also works in the context of the broader narrative of the movie. They will be presented on a platform where translations into at least 20 languages are provided and which will be designed in an accessible, barrier-free manner to host versions of the translations as voice-overs, closed captions, in sign-language, easy-to-read language, transcripts and Braille. Inclusion and accessibility of information are the two principles upon which this project is built. Hence the protagonists are not only encouraged to demonstrate the problems at hand in a simple and clear way, but it will also be supported by animations which create an overarching storyline and provide visual explanation of core-questions.


Day: 2016-10-27
Start time: 14:30
Duration: 00:30
Room: Volkskundemuseum
Track: Privatsphäre im digitalen Zeitalter
Language: en



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