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lecture: hillhacks & hackbeach

hacking and making in the himalayas - or at the beach

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C3-organize-a-conference-the-open-source-way-approach mal eben copy+paste nach Nordindien in die Himalayas sowie an die S├╝dspitze des indischen Subkontinents. Hat sogar super geklappt! Wurde inzwischen teilweise ordentlich modifiziert und editiert, aber Grundgedanken und -Idee sind die gleichen.

Dieser Talk ist eine Einladung, teilzunehmen, sowie auch die Ermutigung, etwas ├Ąhnliches an anderen Orten der Welt zu starten.

We're coming together in the foothills of the Himalayas and at the beaches of Kerala to do coding, hacking, breaking and making - we also do Art, and teach in the local surrounding schools. We are mainly Indians, but we are always joined by a bunch of people from all over the world. provides space and place for the codecamp (CodeForIndia) and various temporary hackspaces with technology, art and education workshops, leading into a conference and maker exhibition in Dharamsala. Done that since 2014 we also formed in 2015, which happens in November/December at the south west tip of the Indian Subcontinent.